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In line with our commitment to providing the highest standard of patient care, KOS Endodontics is proud to utilize state-of-the-art, wireless,  detectors for our patients x-rays with highest resolution available in the present day - DC AIR.

Now with the latest advancement in digital radiography,

direct-conversion technology provides your doctor

Alexander Kutuza D.M.D. with the most accurate images of your oral anatomy. 

Traditional Digital X-Ray

DCair 1.png

DC AIR Digital X-Ray

DCair 1a.png
DCair 2.png

The elimination of cables and sharp film edges

also make our x-ray process far less likely to cause our patients discomfort.

Our Patients can expect a pleasant and accurate x-ray every time. 

DCair station.png
DCair sensor.png
DCair holder.png

Thanks to all of these advancements,

we are able to provide you with the absolute best in x-ray safety, accuracy, and comfort. 

DCair bitewing.png
DCair implant.png
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